June 14, 2012

Living in North Texas can be exciting

Wednesday evening the sky opened up over north Dallas. When it was all over the insurance companies were holding heads in hands.

View more videos at: http://nbcdfw.com.



Old NFO said...

OH man, that truly sucks, but it's NOT that unusual... Time to get under a bridge, or in the garage. Hope the house is okay!

Mule Breath said...

Yeah, missed me completely. Hit south, north and east of me. My boy's place is in the worst hit area and he got pummeled, but it is a rental and his parking was covered. Others not so lucky as you can see from the video. I remain amazed at the aerial photography of the Lakewood Country Club covered in golfballs that weren't golfballs. The historic Lakewood Theatre has the marquee pounded to a pulp. My old stomping grounds almost stomped into the ground.

Likely this will be the most costly storm of its kind in area history. Weather can be a fierce adversary.