September 27, 2012

Reasonable political advertising is rare

That I lean politically to the center-left is no secret. I've made it abundantly clear over these past few years that this modern faux conservatism frightens me. More of the wolf in sheep's clothing, if you ask me. The so-called liberals of the 80's and 90's were just as far in the weeds at that time as these neocons are today. Neither of these two groups deserves much respect. The Democrats of the FDR days and the Eisenhower  Republicans pretty much set my ideals of statesmen serving their country in spite of political fallout.

There is another part of modern life that spends as much time (maybe more) feverishly striving to lower the average IQ in America. Television, Television is not my schtick. I watch very little of it. This political season I've avoided all but some news and the rare opinion program. Therefore the only candidate advertising assaulting my eyes and ears has been called to my attention by friends and fellow bloggers. It is the deception that offends me about most of the advertising, and it is the rare ad that speaks more than a modicum of truth.

This one may be one of those rare exceptions... at least the fact checkers haven't at yet found a way to debunk it.