October 10, 2012

Mongo only pawn

Former actor and football star, Alex Karras... dead at 77

While he made hundreds of tackles on the football field, Alex Karras' most memorable take-down occurred when he played Mongo in the great 1974 Mel Brooks film, Blazing Saddles, when he sucker punched and KO'ed a horse.

Television is not my schitck, so until this news came across the wires I had never heard of 'Webster.' Apparently some felt it was a good show for which Karras will be remembered, but for those of my generation we will forever remember what was arguably the best line in any el Brooks flic.

Alex Karras - Gone but not forgotten.



Old NFO said...

All good ones as usual, and yes, the last two 'capture' Mongo in all his glory! Alex Karras WAS willing to poke fun at himself and his image, but he was also a very good actor and a truly nice Gent!