February 7, 2013

Henry Wade not the only corrupt District Attorney in Texas

A Church going Boy Scout leader, former DA and staunch Republican sitting judge finally faces the music for a 25-year-old injustice.

"At issue in the court of inquiry is whether Mr. Anderson committed criminal misconduct in 1987 when he turned over only a few pages of evidence to Judge William Lott, who had asked the prosecutor to submit exculpatory evidence.

Whether or not it was Sheriff Boutwell’s errant investigation that prompted Mr. Anderson to discount the evidence, Mr. Morton’s lawyers say the prosecutor had a legal responsibility to disclose that information. 

'That does not excuse failing to obey a court order,' said Barry Scheck, a co-founder of the Innocence Project."

One more innocent is free, and maybe this time the careless perpetrator of the injustice will pay some kind of price for his "hang 'em high" style of injustice.

[See also the case of Cameron Todd Willingham, In which our good Texas Governor Rick Perry illegally and improperly intervened to ensure that Willingham was not as lucky as Michael Morton.]



Old NFO said...

One can only 'hope' he pays the price!

Mule Breath said...

One must wonder how this kind of person can justify such carelessness with the life of a fellow human. How can he justify robbing an innocent man of so many years of his life... and how many others have suffered similar fate?

As far as Perry is concerned, how does he sleep knowing he may be responsible for the execution of an innocent man?