April 20, 2013

West Volunteers - - Last Alarm

UPDATE 4: News out of West now saying all have been accounted for. Final tally  is 14 dead and 200 injured. All of the injured are expected to survive. Residents to be allowed back into their residences under escort.

UPDATE 3: Members of the Texas Line of Duty Death Task Force stand guard at the scene of the blast. In this photo a member of the Bryan Fire Department Honor Guard... a department that suffered its own devastating loss of two firefighters just recently... stands guard at the site. Members of this task force, who come from departments across the state, will take turns standing guard until all of our brothers have come home.

UPDATE 2: Nine responders now identified.

Morris Bridges, 41. Fire sprinkler technician for Action Fire Pros. Member of  West Volunteer Fire Department. He had three children ages 2, 17 and 18.
Perry Calvin, 37. Student at Hill College Fire Academy. Member of Mertens and Navarro Mills volunteer fire departments.
Jerry Chapman, 26. Worked as a server. Member of Abbott Volunteer Fire Department.
Cody Dragoo, 50. Foreman at West Fertilizer Co. Member of West Volunteer Fire Department.
Kenny Harris, 52. Dallas city fire captain.

Jimmy Matus, 52. Owner of Westex Welding in West. (No photo available)
Joey Pustejovsky. West City Secretary. Member of West Volunteer Fire Department. Joey had just celebrated his first wedding anniversary.

Cyrus Reed. Worked at Waxahachie plant. Member of Abbott Volunteer Fire Department

Robert (48) and Doug (50) Snokhous, Brothers and both Central Texas Iron Works employees and members of the West Volunteer Fire Department.
Buck Uptmor, 40s. Owner of fencing company. Lived near West. 

UPDATE 1: with fire radio traffic.

West, Texas: 14 Confirmed Fatalities, 200 Injured, Search and Rescue Complete. The photos will speak for themselves...

More will be added as the victims are identified and their photos become available.



BCFD36 said...

Thank you for this. The VFD was probably the heart of the community. With the mess in Boston, these guys have been forgotten.

Dave Scruggs
Captain, Boulder Creek Fire