October 16, 2013

More Zero Tolerance Garbage

Been some time since I last published anything regarding the seriously flawed idea of Zero Tolerance, but then it has been some time since crap this idiotic has made the popular press.

This particular venture into the ludicrous world of ZT finds a 17-year-old honor student doing what most people would consider to be the responsible thing. Erin Cox is that honor student, and her crime was responding to a call from a friend who had been drinking and was concerned that she had too much to drink. Ms. Cox agreed to do what we encourage adults to do. She drove to the scene with the intention of serving as a designated driver. 

Reinforcing that age old adage that no good deed goes unpunished, instead of praising the young lady for her responsible actions, her school thought the wisest action would be to punish her for a technical violation of its alcohol policy. 

Erin was not drinking. She didn’t even actually complete the task because when she arrived at the scene the police were already there and had cited a few of the kids for drinking alcohol. Erin was not cited, but because she was found by school administrators to have been involved in an “alcohol-related incident” she lost her class leadership position and was suspended from extracurricular activities.

Explain to me please how this kind of action promotes anything other than ridicule for school administration and public policy.

Follow the link and read the whole story.