May 5, 2014

Behaving badly

If there are any of my left leaning friends who do not already know that I am a constitutional literalist, and that I do not twist words to make the 2nd Amendment mean something other than what it literally says… let me disabuse you of that notion. We have a problem with gun violence in this country, but the redefining our constitution is not the way to address that problem. There are far better avenues, but in order to achieve progress… we need compromise.

The New Jersey gun control debate may actually provide some sort of relief for folks stuck in the middle. The current smart gun law in that state sucks. The very left wing Chris Hayes of MSNBC seems to be getting a bit of a clue about this. Hayes, several of the gun control groups and even the Senator who wrote the bill seem willing to repeal it if the right will take a step or two toward compromise. I personally think that NJ law was horribly shortsighted and has done far more harm than good, and that it needs to be repealed. I would hope that if the left were to move in that direction that the right might see an opening for peace and give it a try.


So here comes this dude in the video, doing all the things the right says he ought to be able to do (small business owner, introduce new products, trying to get ahead like a good capitalist) and what happened? Dude runs a gun store and has a documented history of staunch resistance to any form of gun control. He sees an opportunity to offer a new gun to the market for those who might want it. Bad move. Now he sleeps in his own store to protect it from being burned down by his now former supporters. His family has received death threats.

The video tells the rest.

By the way… Mr. Raymond’s statement about Hayes reversing position on the NJ law has come true. On his show tonight Hayes made a statement of support for repeal, and had as guest the lady Senator who wrote the bill (didn’t get her name)… who made the same promise.

Tell me, my right leaning friends… how can this be justified?

This ain’t no chicken sandwich, and nobody threatened to kill the Catheys… your move.