May 24, 2009

Memorial Day

It had been on my mind to write a bit on the reasons for the day. Others have done such a fine job of the task that I feel compelled to simply turn to them for my message.

Ruth, over at Cab Drollery, has written in commemoration of our soldiers, airmen and sailors. Ruth is a sixtyish young lady from Sherman, Texas, and has seen several wars go by. Her message, titled Memorial To Something Worthwhile, is a prayer for reason, and for making the lives and deaths of our troops worthwhile.

Ken Taylor of Minority Report writes The Last Full Measure Of Devotion. Ken laments that there is "nothing that we say can bring them back nor honor them in the fullest extent that they so justifiably deserve." It can't be said any more clear.

Old NFO, a Viet Nam vet, posts something a little unusual for this modern war, and something the youngsters amongst us may not remember. But I remember. Bob Hope brought a little taste of home to servicemen and women across the globe for decades.

Andrew Sullivan posts Two Memorial Day Stories on The Daily Dish that will make you think.

One of hardest hitting is a story from the daily paper of State College, Pennsylvania. This morning the Centre Daily Times published the story of the lost life of a soldier in Viet Nam in 1969. 21-year old Dale Fisher was killed by friendly fire when he shouldn't have even been on the front. The story, titled Life Interrupted, is told by the fallen soldier's sister.

Those who serve and put their lives in the line of fire to protect the lives and liberties of Americans deserve praise and honor. These men and women deserve much more than this country has given. At the very least we must honor their memories on Memorial day. Remember the reason for the day.