May 5, 2009

Why I wasn’t Worried about Obama and the Gun Control Argument

It’s a short story, and a *really* primitive web page, but it is just another brick in the wall. Democrats really like being in charge, and they’ve learned that gun control is the poison pill. Everything else in their platform is palatable, but gun control kills. Argue as you may, but Obama was a better choice than McCain, and the gun control hysteria raised in an effort to whip him are weak. Conservatives should focus more on the preservation of the First Amendment than they do currently on Second Amendment fear tactics. Dominionist religious zealots present a greater threat to our constitution than liberals ever have.

From Idaho with love...

Idaho's Lone Congressional Democrat Talks Gun Control

Ammunition is selling so fast, local gun shops are having a hard time keeping it stocked for gun owners. Much of it is being attributed to fears that the Obama Administration and democrat-led Congress will enact strict new gun laws. Democratic First District Congressman Walt Minnick says there's no possibility any gun control measures will be passed in the current U.S. Congress. Minnick says he's one of 52 conservative ``blue dog'' Democrats in the House who oppose further gun control and that nothing can pass the House without their support.



Anonymous said...

I voted for Minnick in the last election, and given his track record so far, will support him in whatever position for which he may choose to run. I'm hoping he'll try for senate or even governor. Idaho is far too strongly controlled by the Republican party. We need more intelligent moderate Democrat voices.

Rogue Medic said...

That is good news. Much more important is that the Supreme Court nominee have respect for the Bill of Rights, unlike the activists, who would rewrite the Constitution to suit their biases. Justice Stevens on one side and the equally activist, but rewriting with a different bias - Justice Scalia.

Mule Breath said...

Andrew - I would hate to lose a house moderate to a statehouse, but certainly understand your views. The more moderate (still pretty right wing) of our two Senators has all but announced that she will be running for governor. This will be good for Texas as the wingnut we have now has done much damage, and might allow for the election of an even more moderate senator.

RM - Moderation in the Court is a good thing. Strict interpretation is also a good thing. Rewriting is to be abhored. There are four activist judges on the Court. Three of them sway to the right. You are correct that we need a centrist nominee, in the general mold of Souter. There are many good choices.