January 15, 2010

Imagination running rampant

The following is a direct Cut & Paste from PZ's place...

You can buy communion wafers on Amazon, which is no surprise. Amazon will also tell you what other customers bought when they ordered their communion wafers.

I…I…don't understand! I get a brainlock when I try to put these things together, I'm afraid.

Damned if I catch the connection either, PZ... Just makes me scratch my head.



Old NFO said...

Ah... um.... er... not going there... no way... This qualifies as TMI. Of course it just reenforces that people are WEIRD!!!!

jbrock said...

Uh ... communion wafers ... personal lubricant ... I get the connection, loud and clear. I also find it extremely difficult to believe that Professor Myers doesn't. Maybe he's just too polite to point it out. (Heh.)

C'mon. What do most people assume Catholic priests do whenever they're not passing out communion wafers?

dameelaine said...

Boy, i hope they picked up some hand sanitizer too