January 28, 2010

Will the abuse never stop?

A while back I made a post in which I jokingly promoted The Green Alternative, and pointed out that certain vegetables had offered a green alternative for years, and for far less cost.

Since that time I’ve learned that the topic is not a joking matter. Vegetable abuse, it seems, is a serious problem. This was brought to my attention when I learned of a billboard in the Dallas area, which seems to have raised some conservative hackles... and then discovered this video...

So, boys and girls, do your part to stop the abuse. Belly up and pay for the proper toy.



Bob S. said...


I might have to stop at a store or call them just to offset some of the complaints.

That is a funny ad.

People need to get a sense of humor.

oldweirdlibra said...

Doesn't anyone speak up for the zucchini?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the xsters haven't burned it down.

Mule Breath said...

While there apparently is some carping about this billboard, as there was with the atheist billboards of last fall, overall it seems the reaction is one of closeted humor. The news piece is all I've heard that mentioned anything about negative reactions.

Maybe North Texas is getting a bit more enlightened... finally.