September 6, 2010

Monday Music

One hit wonders. Brother and sister.

First we have Terry Jacks with Season in the Sun...

Terry had been performing for twelve years before this solo tune hit #1 on the U.S. charts in 1974, but considering that he played with the Canadian group called The Chessmen, and that group had four top-ten hits in Canada in the mid to late 60's, perhaps we can't say he was a one hit wonder. 

You remember the Chessmen, don't you?

Terry's sister performed with the Poppy Family, producing several down-chart recordings. Here she is singing her only top-ten work, Which way you're going, Billy.

These weren't the only songs the two recorded, even if they were the only hits. Terry also covered the Jacques Brel tune, If you go away.

...while Susan continued performing with the Poppy Family, cutting a few albums with the group and some by herself. She even ventured into the country genre.

Brother and sister actually performed together every now and then. Here they are doing an unknown tune at a Poppy Family reunion concert.

Brother and sister both disappeared from the U.S. music scene in the late 70's, but Terry had a song on the Canadian charts as recently as 1987. Unfortunately I am unable to locate a video clip.



Rogue Medic said...

The Nina Simone cover of Ne me quitte pas (If you go away) is one of my favorite songs.

You do not need to understand French to appreciate the song.