September 24, 2010

Predatory banking

A neighbor owns a credit card issued by Chase. She never uses it. Doesn't even carry the card with her. Without ever using it, she has gotten into the habit of never opening the bill. She just tosses it.


Apparently a couple months back Chase instituted a new fee. They call it a minimum interest charge. This is a charge that is supposed to be added if there is any small balance on the account that would not incur at least the minimum interest, but my neighbor never used the card and there was no balance.

But they charged her $1.00 anyway. Probably a mistake, but possibly not.

The end result, since my neighbor knew she had no balance and therefore tossed the bill... was a service charge of $35.00 for a late payment.

She is still fighting it.

These are the guys our tax money bailed out.


Ambulance Driver said...

Oh, but they were too important to our economy to let them fail, wasn't that the argument?

Old NFO said...

They ARE after our $$, and they WILL get our $$ one way or another...