October 3, 2010

The Controversial Non Sequitur Muhammad Comic Strip

H/T New Humanist via Hemant...

Take note of Wiley Miller‘s comic strip Non Sequitur in your newspaper this weekend if it regularly appears there.

Several newspapers are rejecting this Sunday’s strip in advance.

What’s so offensive about it?

[It] depicts a lazy, sunny park scene with the caption, “Picture book title voted least likely to ever find a publisher… ‘Where’s Muhammad?’” Characters in the park are buying ice cream, fishing, roller skating, etc. No character is depicted as even Middle Eastern.

So that’s where we’re at now. Some papers are scared shitless because someone is simply implying the existence of a drawing of Muhammad.

Miller was equally disturbed:

“[T]he irony of editors being afraid to run even such a tame cartoon as this that satirizes the blinding fear in media regarding anything surrounding Islam sadly speaks for itself. Indeed, the terrorists have won.”

They have, haven’t they?

When the comic shows up on his syndicate’s website this weekend, please post it wherever you can.

So here it is...



Old NFO said...

It wasn't in the Washington ComPost, that's for sure... sigh...

montag said...

Wiley is brilliant and should be in every newspaper.

Mule Breath said...

Highly unfortunate, but Miller's strip was dropped by the Fort Worth Startlegram a couple of years ago. I won't miss it though, as it is readily available on the web. That big city over to the east has a newspaper that still runs the strip, but I'm unsure if they ran this one or not.

Comic geniuses of Miller's talent are rare. In my lifetime I would grant similar status only to a handful. Walt Kelly, Gilbert Shelton, Berkeley Breathed, the young Garry Trudeau, Herbert Block, S. Clay Wilson... maybe a few others.