October 19, 2010

Don't Vote!

This political advertisement is produced by Latinos For Reform. Supposedly this is the first of several to be aired in targeted states urging Latino voters not to vote for Members of Congress that have failed to deliver on their immigration reform promises. The ads, in both English and Spanish, may be found at the group's website.

The chairman of the group is Robert Deposada, former director of Hispanic affairs for the Republican National Committee. Deposada is a known and well liked Hispanic activist, and although he is Republican and has been active mostly on the right, I have never seen him dip to this kind of despicable tactic. It just doesn't fit Deposada's style.

During the 2002-2003 efforts by George W. Bush to nominate Miguel Estrada to a Federal judgeship, Deposada commented, "...to deny Latinos, the nation's largest minority, the opportunity to have one of their own serve on this court in our Nation's capital is unforgivable." I agreed with him then, and to now find him promoting such efforts as these ads is disheartening.

Deposada is participating in exactly the kind of dirty tricks politics he once condemned. Watch the advertisment.

There is no suggestion for whom Latinos should vote; they aren't being told they should vote Republican; they are being urged to abdicate their vote. There have been many efforts through the years to keep minorities away from the polls (threats, intimidation, poll taxes, phoney baloney literacy tests, etc.) so now the right simply tries to talk Latinos into staying home.

Seems kind of cowardly to me, but unfortunately it might work.

UPDATE: The ads are running on Spanish language stations in Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Florida... I should say that they were running in those states. Following an outcry from local Hispanic leaders, a variety of elected office holders, Democrats in general, and even Barak Obama, Univision has pulled the ad. The advertisment stirred much hate and discontent in the Hispanic community, and may even have increased the numbers of likely Hispanic voters.

Is it possible that a Republican dirty trick has backfired?


Rogue Medic said...

I agree.

If we are not happy with what our elected officials have done, we need to vote against them. The way to do that is not to vote for the other powerful, but mindless party, but to vote for a third party.

There are plenty of alternatives that do not include the tea party, which I do not see as anything other than Republicans without fancy suits.

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Mule Breath said...

You've gone to the Dark Side?

One never knows, does one?

Am I calingod for help?

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Grung_e_Gene said...

!No Bienvenidos todos!

Hell, it may work so why not tell them to !Vamanos! No venga por aquí