February 4, 2011

The U.S. has no lock on whackjobs and homophobes

It was a little over a year ago, shortly after Haiti was ravaged by a massive earthquake, that Pat Robertson pronounced that god was responsible, and that the devastation was god's way of settling an old score.

Now the land of OZ is experiencing natural phenomena unlike any before. Last year the State of Victoria was all but decimated by a hell-storm of brushfires. Last month the floods in Queensland drowned an area larger than all of Texas. Before the Aussies had even the briefest of respite, they are hit with a category 5 cyclone. God must be very angry with Australia.

Weather events are, after all, simply "acts of god," are they not? Pat Robertson obviously thinks that way, so god must have had something to do with the terrible events in Australia, and he must have been angry about something... or at someone ... right?

I feel sure that Brother Robertson would be real proud of this religious kook from Down Under, who blames all of the above on Australia's gay, green, atheist PM, Julia Gillard.

"It is very sad that this dark chapter in Australia’s history is led by an atheist Prime Minister in Julia Gillard and an openly homosexual Greens leader... both who have no regard for God nor prayer."

We need to get this Dr. Nalliah together with Robertson, Fred Phelps and Terry Jones. That would be a group of which even Frank Schaeffer might be proud.



Anonymous said...

what if they are right?

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