March 19, 2011

Old Bird

Some may have noticed that blogging has been sporadic of late. Some probably don't care, but that is for another story.

Over the past several months I've been chasing an old Bird. This has been time consuming and the blog has somewhat suffered because of it. Well... yesterday I finally caught her, and she's move in here at Casa Mule Dung. 

Meet the new lady in my life... a 1990 Blue Bird Wide Body. She's old, but she ain't hurt and a little TLC will have her purring down the road with my motorcycle trailer in tow.

She needs a paint job, but the body is all aluminum so there is no rust. Good tires, new batteries, a generator that could serve as back-up for a grocery store... what more could I ask?

The interior needs updating. The pink shades and the mirrors have to go... makes the place feel like a whorehouse... and all the flooring will be replaced with wood. Electronics are dated, so I've already started yanking them to replace with modern stuff. 

Time consuming, but in the end it should be well worth it.


ZerCool said...

Nice shaggin' wagon!

I'd love to have something like that, although feeding it would hurt ... a lot.

I see the Detroit engine monitor and Allison tranny control; what series Detroit do they use?

Mule Breath said...

Good eyes.

It is the 8V92 500 HP Detroit, with 149K miles. Just broken in good.

ZerCool said...

The dash instruments look very similar to fire trucks that I've spent a LOT of time in - with Detroit 60s and Allisons. :-)

A 500hp in that little thing should have some serious ass to it!