March 31, 2011

You can't make this stuff up

Teen suspended for outing porn star school secretary
From, Published On Sat Mar 26 2011

A teenager has been suspended from classes after revealing on a Facebook page that an office assistant at his Quebec City-area high school was moonlighting as porn star in her off-hours.

According to news reports, the 14-year-old alleged administrators at Etchemins Secondary School in Levis, Que., also threatened him with criminal charges. 

School board spokesman Louise Boisvert confirmed the youth was suspended last Thursday and that administrators are to meet with him and family members Monday. But, she said, “the school never threatened expulsion or to press charges against him.”

Samantha Ardente is shown in a photo taken from a
Facebook page. Ardente, an office worker at a
Quebec City-area school, is awaiting word on her
fate after she was suspended for appearing in a
pornographic movie.

The clerical worker, who goes by the porn-actress name of Samantha Ardente, was suspended with pay last week after authorities learned a student had spotted her in the porn video Serial Abusers 2.

The boy had asked her for an autograph. Ardente wouldn’t give him one and asked him to keep quiet about the matter. The boy then created a Facebook page in her name, complete with a racy photo of her in her undies.

As word of the Facebook page spread around school, Ardente went to her bosses and told them of the situation.

Boisvert, the board spokeswoman, said a decision should be made on Ardente’s fate by next week.

While officials acknowledge Ardente hadn’t done anything illegal, the board said her cinematic activities don’t correspond with the values being taught at the school, across the St. Lawrence River from Quebec City.

Ardente has worked for the school board since 2002 and at Les Etchemins school for the past two years.

The boy was reportedly asked to take the Facebook page down but said he couldn’t because he had created it under the Ardente pseudonym and now cannot access the administration.

Star wire services



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