June 2, 2011

oh... my... gawd!

Reason #4,929 why no rational human being should ever vote for Rick "Guv. Goodhair" Perry.

Consider if you will that these words are spoken by a man who has become a millionaire over two decades of "public service," and currently lives in a rented mansion costing the bankrupt citizens of his state $6,000 just for rent. The roughly $4,000 monthly utility bills, upkeep for the heated pool, Neiman Marcus custom window coverings, subscription to Wine Monthly, and $1,000 emergency repair for the filtered ice machine are all extra.

...and here are a few of the previous 4,928 reasons not to vote for this charlatan.

He was like the invisible man, Dallas Morning News
The Texas Youth Commission coverup, The Texas Observer, Hidden in Plain Sight
Selling State Government, or how Goodhair uses the "Emerging Technology Fund" as bait to lure political contributions...the Burn Orange Report
The list goes ON, and ON and ON, and ON, and ON and ON.



montag said...

He was elected three times. If Texas is that short of rational human beings, why don't you good folks move out and we can build a wall around the state to keep those people in.

Mule Breath said...

Well ya see, Montag, I was born and reared here. This is my home. Some might give up and bug out... but I choose to stand my ground and fight. I'm not alone, either.

Ignorance in this state is a right wingnut fostered blight, and the repugs are dead set on ensuring more of the same. The bible-thumping populace is there to help them, but we holdouts will continue standing between the forces of darkness and their goal of instilling superstition in all aspect of life.

We may still lose, but it will be a hard fought battle. Only time will tell.