November 22, 2011

Conference time

Conference time. TOTWTYTR and Ambulance Driver are here. Non-bloggers JS, JB and SH also here. This group minus JS paid homage to the Great Hogfather of the South, leaving donations in support of the local economy while failing to bring home the bacon. They appear sad to have traveled from such distance only to be snubbed so completely by the local porcine population... but oh well... I feel certain the local pubs will benefit as they all drown their sorrows. All will will not be for naught.

Regrettably AWOL is Old NFO. Rumor has it that he strafed my house on his way into the state for the GREAT HOG HUNT OF 2011, but didn't have the time to pay a visit to the People's Republic of Austin... or did he just bail out due to no success in the pork department? I was looking forward to visiting face to face. Maybe next time. 

Blogging will be slower and more erratic than normal. Y'all hold the fort down. I'll be back.



Old NFO said...

Sorry about that MB, work yanked me back to reality on a short string. Sorry to have missed actually shaking hands with you and chatting. Maybe next time.