November 2, 2012

It pays to be skeptical

For a day or two I've been listening to and reading as much as I can find on the recovery progress in the eastern states so badly hurt by Hurricane Sandy. A recurrent theme coming from Faux news and several of the more bitter right wingnut bloggers has been the story of non-union Alabama electrical crews being turned back and not allowed to work in union New Jersey. There was so much of this noise out there I figured it had to have some truth, so I started working on a blog post chapping union asses. I support unions, but more than unions I support common sense.

They almost had me. I almost swallowed it and posted that blog, but something told me to keep looking. I'm glad I did... because as it turns out it is just more of the same old extremist Republican bullshit. This is just one link for one story out of several dozen that have come out refuting the allegation. More Republican dirty tricks. More bullshit from the right. 

You almost got me this time. Crying wolf next time won't buy you as much real estate.