November 15, 2012

Yet more insanity

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A new fool rears its head. Welcome the Alabamadamna fool.

While Facebook claims yet another victim in Ohio...

Out in California we have the 22-year-old blindingly brilliant blond having a difficult time figuring it out.

In Mississippi, the more things change the more they seem to stay the same.

This one represents the illogical dichotomy of modern Christianity. Since the vast majority of racist tweets posted following President Obama's reelection originated from Alabama (according to the demographers at Floating Sheep) it is perhaps unsurprising that this effigy was spotted on a porch in a small community not far from Dothan had apparently been sitting there since Halloween without any complaint from the neighbors.

Certain business folks have doubled down upon learning that the Romneys wouldn't be adding yet another to an already long list of palatial mansions.

By far the most bizarre overreaction is also the saddest… and occurred prior to the election. Responsibility for this hyped-up fear and hate-mongering falls squarely on the shoulders of the right-wing media and the plutocracy that funds them.



Jeremy Brock said...

Since the first Clinton administration, Republican strategy has depended on framing every possible issue--and as many non-issues as possible--in apocalyptic, dualistic terms, with Democrats cast as agents of Satan.

It's really paying off now, isn't it?