May 9, 2013

I chose curiosity

Wax on... wax off

Alan Watts said, “All things are known by their differences from and likenesses to each other”. Watts was speaking to individual perceptions of our universe. Considering that, how do you consider yourself in relation to your fellow humans and the rest of our universe? Are you a part of it… or the center of it?

We humans know our universe only by individual experience. Everything… every activity we undertake and every perception we hold… these are mere reflections of our experience and our understanding of those experiences. Every time we have a new experience it produces an outcome expressed in one of two values; either we like it or we dislike it. All interactions with and reactions to our fellow humans will rest upon one of those two values… and these are mostly dependent upon our individual personalities.

It is these variables that shape our perception of our universe and produce our reaction to our fellow astronauts on this Pale Blue Dot. We have some choice in how we process our new experiences and whether we wish our response to be fear or curiosity. The evolution of mankind… perhaps even the survival of our specie… requires that fear recedes and curiosity dominates.