July 6, 2013

Strange driveway encounters

First time since moving here I had some dudes come down my driveway trying to peddle religion. Went kinda like this...

Dude 1: "Hello! I'm dude 1 and this is dude 2. Is this your home?" 

MB: "Yes, this is my home. You guys look like twins." (Both wearing the same mustache and tie)

Dude 2: (Nervous laughter)

Dude 1: "We dropped by to share something with you... (produces the little rag) and talk a little about the Bible."

MB: "Well, sorry to waste your time but you see... I'm atheist."

Dude 2: (more nervous laughter)

Dude 1: "Oh really? How long have you been atheist?"

MB: "I was born atheist. How long have you been Christian."

Dude 2: "Good answer. Have you ever read the Bible."

MB: "Indeed I have... more than once... and I refer to it pretty regularly too. There are three different versions sitting in there on my shelf alongside a Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, Qur'an, Torah, and several other of the holy books. Have you read any of those?" 

Dude 2: Uhh

Dude 1: (nervous laughter, tries to hand me the copy of Awake)

MB: No thank you. Save it for one of my neighbors. Oh, by the way... haven't you guys made your quota already?

Dude 2: Quota?

MB: Yeah, surely you've converted 144,000 souls by now. Heaven should be full.

Dude 1: Well, it was interesting meeting you.

MB: Drop by any time you're in the area.



Kernut the Blond said...


As an aside, I'm quite impressed by your library! I have one version of the Bible, and the Book of Mormon. That's it Also (somewhere) a copy of "Who Wrote the Bible". Interesting book! Wis I had it with me.