December 23, 2008

Evolve Your Beliefs…

What’s an atheist to do on Christmas?

Along about this time of the year I find myself amused with the perennial accusations of secularists perpetrating “war on Christmas”. Bill O’Reilly's seasonal schmaltz, an annual event for Bill, appeared on the December 3rd Factor. Poor Bill is forever attempting to crucify some Heinous devil worshiper in his quest to out the godless liberals at the root of American decay. This year’s target is Washington Governor Christine Gregoire.

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann took O’Reilly to task in a most humorous commentary:

Being one of O’Reilly’s devil worshipers, I feel at least somewhat vindicated, and more than a little amused. But still I remain confused. Why is it that we have these ongoing controversies?
My philosophies do not allow for belief in much of anything, certainly not a diety or creator, but I find little reason to fight the religionists. Other than the pre-holiday commercial onslaught and it being overall a pretty boring day, I find little in Christmas to dislike.

I’m by no means alone in this country when I identify myself as non-theist. Surveys have indicated that somewhere around 15% of Americans tic off the “non-religious” box where such is offered. Approximately the same percentage of date-seekers registered with choose either, atheist, agnostic, spiritual but not religious, or other when asked the faith question.
Personally I’d like to see the results of a survey offering only two choices: Monotheistic or Not Monotheistic.

Christmas is here to stay and the militant in our rank should just lay back and enjoy the inevitable. The Jews have done a good job of adapting, as have immigrant populations of various other faiths.
Some recent surveys have indicated up to 95% of Americans celebrate Christmas in one form or another. Take that earlier 15% into consideration and you can figure about two thirds of the non-believers still celebrate the holiday. The remaining third are just noisy stinkers trying to rile O’Reilly.

There is even a company offering atheistic Christmas cards that can be ordered over the WWW []. Judging by the prices I would speculate the owner is Jewish, but that is one of the ways the Jews have adapted to the Christian holiday.

Plenty of well known secularists and big name atheists celebrate Christmas. Heck, it’s a Federal holiday, you get presents, get off work most years, are encouraged to drink alcohol...
So what’s not to celebrate?


Rogue Medic said...

Why waste time on him, the Westboro Baptist Church, and others like them?

Mule Breath... said...
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Mule Breath... said...

Sort of my perspective.

Another blog I read has since posted a similar piece, although the author describes the annual family gathering. In any group there will be varying degrees of belief/disbelief, and there will often be one or more wingnuts lacking the sense to remain silent.

I'm of the Rodney King philosophy. Lets just have a good time and enjoy the company.

Mule Breath... said...

Hey JEG! Post it again. I deleted a typo on my post and hit yours instead!

Anonymous said...

Good post. Olbermann cracks me up. Personally, as a secular humanist with unpredictable moments of mysticism, I celebrate the Solstice with gifts for family and friends and strangers...trying to celebrate the return of light with some ENlightenment. O'Reilly screaming about Jesus just makes me cringe.

Evil Transport Lady said...

I am the same...sorta.....not sure what I believe in, so I just celebrate being with family. I'm a recovering catholic, so no church for me:)

Have a happy new year!

MiniKat said...

We're a live and let live kinda household. We have to be since my parents consist of a Presbyterian and an agnostic, his parents are Southern Baptist, and the best way to describe us is Druidic shamanists. My sisters all married either practicing or recovering Catholics. It's a heck of a holiday.

We celebrate the Solstice and Yule. Our families celebrate Christmas. There's a lot of common ground if people bother to look for it.