December 20, 2008

Not so amusing


Stolen from An Earth-Bound Misfit:


Rogue Medic said...

We are subsidizing the production, temporarily, of a part of the market that does not work. This is not different from the bailout of the banks that should fail. Temporarily, because nobody really expects the companies to avoid bankruptcy. This is just until we can find a way to rescue the most valuable part of the auto industry - the benefits package. In other words, one of the prominent reasons for their failure.

If you want to see vehicles that make you want to buy them, they will not be coming from Detroit. The government continues to manipulate the US auto industry. The US auto industry will improve with greater government management?

The incoming administration is likely to see this, not as a sign of too much government intervention, but a sign of not enough government intervention.

Introducing the new Patriot Boondoggle. All of the lack of appeal of your old American car, but with the benefit of government efficiency.

Our tax dollars at work.

Recovering Grady Addict said...

Dear Ford:
It is not that we *won't* buy your shitty cars. We are unemployed, underemployed, or supporting a loved one who is. Please feel free to hire us for half of what the auto industry pays the average assembly line worker makes... and we will be happy to assist in your financial crisis of meeting your financial obligations.
Unemployed Medic who Will work for food, rent, utilities, clothes, and oh yeah -even a car!

Comrade E.B. Misfit said...

Um, guys, Ford is not taking the money at this time.

Mule Breath... said...

True enough, but there were none available with a GM car.

Personally I wish Ford hadn't joined with the others. Ford said they had funds, so going to DC makes me question their judgement. It did them an injustice and paints them with the same brush.

Unfortunate. I like Fords.