January 7, 2009

British Atheists Roll Out Ad Campaign

The New York Times ran a piece yesterday about an advertising campaign using London busses. Atheists in London, in response to Christian advertising on busses, decided to return the favor. “There’s probably no God,” say advertisements on 800 busses. “Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” Reactions were mixed, but I found the following of particular interest:

“I think it’s dreadful,” said Sandra Lafaire, 76, a tourist from Los Angeles, who said she believed in God and still enjoyed her life, thank you very much. “Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I don’t like it in my face.”

I certainly hope I'm not the only one finding that statement rather ironic.



Rogue Medic said...

Irony - objectivity - humility - . . . . It's all fun and games until someone declares a fatwa.

Tom and Marsha said...

Yep. Its ok to speak your mind. And its ok if I disagree. Glad to see they are spending their money on the economy as well.

PS. There is a God.

Mule Breath... said...


Welcome to the pature.

If you've read my earlier posts, my perspective of religious freedom should be obvious. Rights flow both directions. So, your disagreement is okay with me.

My atheism has never been a secret and I've tolerated religion and the religious my entire life, much of it "in my face". I've tolerated you up till now, haven't I?

Unless it was shoved down my throat I haven't barked much about it, and I do bark at anti-theistic activism when it gets out of bounds. Fair and balanced.

Atheists tolerate daily doses of "in you face" deism, mostly without complaint, yet Ms. Lafaire finds a single display of atheism "dreadful".

Classic irony.

Mark said...

I feel strangely proud of the donation I made to that. I like to think of it as having rented one of the "od"s in "God".

It is hugely ironic, but not even slightly surprising. The only *real* problem I have with religions is the special treatment they seem to constantly expect and demand.

It's not even as if this ad campaign's taking the strident "THIS IS TROOF!" viewpoint of the religious-type ads. Note the use of the word "probably" - and that's the point. I don't know if there's a God, many Gods or no Gods at all. Nor do I see it as particularly relevant.

Rogue Medic said...


Think of how proud you could be if you paid for the F in THIS IS TROOF!

Mule Breath... said...

A good point, Mark. Strident anti-religionists are as unwelcome in my droll little life as are peddlers of the Watchtower. Reasonable men make reasonable accommodation for points of possible disagreement, and allow for the possibility of being wrong.

Anonymous said...

"Religions" have been "in the face" of the world since day one. It won't change.

But hooray for the effort by the British Atheists anyway.

Tom and Marsha said...
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