January 23, 2009

Gun Control ≠ Crime Control


One of my pet peeves is “all or none” politics. Of my friends, I can think of at least a few who support or fight political candidates on single issues. Hot button things like abortion, creationism, gun control, etc. Nothing else, in their minds, matters. That particular issue is what it takes to change a mind. Wing nut politics.

In New York we almost installed another Kennedy, but thankfully Caroline came to her senses and withdrew. She may be a nice person, but she has no experience at all in politics. Now a more experienced and centrist individual is under consideration. Kirsten E. Gillibrand is serving her 2nd term representing New York’s traditionally conservative 20th Congressional District. She won a traditionally Republican seat because she is a moderate Democrat. New York Gov. David Paterson is said to be considering her. Unfortunately, she has opposition.

65-year, old, seven term Democrat, Carolyn McCarthy of New York’s 4th district is a staunch gun control proponent, and a staunch opponent of Gillibrand. McCarthy is threatening to run against her in the primaries if Gillibrand receives the appointment to fill Sen. Clinton’s vacated seat. Both are Democrats, so one is left to wonder why McCarthy is behaving so badly.

Gillibrand, it seems, is a defender of our Constitutional rights, which is apparently okay with McCarthy… until it comes to the 2nd amendment. McCarthy’s history in politics is rooted in her opposition to the right of citizen gun ownership. Her reason? McCarthy’s husband was murdered with a handgun wielded by a “deranged” man. Colin Ferguson killed six and wounded 19 when he flipped out while riding the Long Island Rail Road passenger line. Gillibrand, on the other hand, has supported gun owner rights. She apparently recognizes that it was a lunatic that killed McCarthy’s husband, not a gun.

In other words, McCarthy is yet another wing nut.


Rogue Medic said...

The murder of her husband was what got her elected. Her whole political career has revolved around the death of her husband. So, it is not really a surprise that she sees her single issue as the answer to everyone else's problems. Her husband appears to be the only one she sees as her constituency. Maybe the voters will not be as single minded, but it is NY.

Ted said...

I found your place via To Old To Work, To Young To Retire's blogroll. I get the impression that I disagree with you on a fair amount of things.

But you have the best definition of "wing nut" that I've ever seen.

Mule Breath... said...


It's good that we disagree. The problem with blogging is that the blogger gains "fans". Bloggers often speak only to people already in agreement with our philosophy. Not much growth there. Polite disagreement and debate foster growth. I appreciate TOTWTYTR's link to my site and I am very glad when one of his readers decides to visit my pasture and speak their piece. It gives us all a chance to open our minds.