February 28, 2009

Liberals Should Rejoice

Liberals don't need to spend too much time trying to keep the right wingnuts on the defensive. They're doing plenty of that on their own.





Rogue Medic said...

Was the first video referring to the off camera comments of Peggy Noonan about how the Republicans bosses were driving intelligent Republicans away? The guy on the left side of the screen looks like Barney Frank. Is he a Republican impostor going deep undercover with the Democrats?

The second video actually was Limbaugh sounding intelligent. He was being rather vague.

The third video is just an example of why the Palin-all-over-again criticism is valid. Jindal has a degree in biology, but supports teaching Creationism in science classrooms.

If he were a NASA rocket scientist, but advocated teaching levitation in the science classroom, it would be obvious that he is a lightweight.

But when it is Creationism, all of a sudden we are supposed to start teaching blasphemy in the science classroom? His example of a plane load of atheists, that Limbaugh wants to crash into the ocean, is similarly childish. How does he know what a planeload of atheists would believe at the point where they believe they are going to die?

He creates an imaginary situation, rather than try to find out if there is any information to support his belief, he just tells you that his belief is the only possible outcome.

This just goes to show that Limbaugh would not recognize an intellectual heavyweight. Jindal is not the intellectual heavyweight that Limbaugh thinks he is.