February 6, 2009

More Atheist Bus Stuff

A few weeks back, I opined about the Atheist Bus Campaign in London. Looks like some Canadian atheists want to get into the act… but will it happen? In a February 2nd article on CBC News, we learn that Halifax is keeping God off its buses.

Canadian humanists wanted to place the phrase “You Can Be Good Without God” on Metro Transit busses. They were rejected. Lori Patterson, spokesperson for the transit authority, told CBC News:
if anytime we feel there's a message that could be controversial and upsetting to people, we don't necessarily sell the ads."

So, being happy without god is controversial, but the 2006 ad (below) for an interestingly named play was not. How curious.



Rogue Medic said...

The Vagina Monologues is a play, but your point is valid. They are making their decisions without any objective criteria.

Farm.Dad said...

Well i am fond of both vaginas and god , in fact i never feel in the presence of the second as much as i do when in the presence of the first . I can tho see how either or both , or maybe both at once are considered controversial by some .

Mule Breath said...

My oh my. How does one answer such a comment? I'd have to say that I am fond of that which I can prove exists. Very fond.