February 23, 2009

Alan Keyes - What Can I Say?

The man is insane, I'm sure, but can we honestly disagree with his economics?

It gives us something to laugh about, and something to think about.



Anonymous said...

For me, that vid is too offensive to watch in its entirety. I have no idea if any of the opinions stated have any basis in fact. And I don't care.

To me, it is hate speech and while I support your rights to post it, I'm not required to like it and consider it to be in poor taste.

It is an excellent example of how the concept of free speech can be very controversial. Should make for interesting discussion.

Mule Breath, said...

Offensive it is, but that is Alan Keyes. There is a good reason 3rd party candidates are seldom allowed to participate in the Presidential debates.

The purpose of posting it is to show the viewers just what a wingnut he is. Even when he says something reasonable, the rest of the speech kills it dead.