August 27, 2009

From whence it comes


This will take some time. The sermon is an hour long and the juicy parts don't start immediately, but if you want to see a small example of the origins of hate in this country you should click on the link, find the sermon titled "Why I hate Barak Obama", and listen.

I'm particularly fond of when pastor Anderson says "I love all of God's creations" as he describes how to kill snails. Then he wishes Obama the same death. Then he says. "Don't get uncomfortable. I'm just preaching God's word."

Download and listen, then understand that the dude that showed up carrying guns at the Obama appearance in Phoenix on the 17th of August, had been in the congregation listening to this sermon the day before.

Then take a look at Pastor Anderson's blog, where he praises the dude toting the guns...

Then remember that these are the same people the far right wingnuts have courted since the days of Barry Goldwater.

Then decide.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, MB. I don't have the stomach to listen to any more of those godfreaks. I had to listen to one back in the pre-segregation days when my family's church swapped its place of worship and pastor with those of a different denomination - one of those attempts to promote community togetherness - where I was exposed to a much more blatant version of racism than the low-key version to which I had become inured.

The hypocrisy spouted that day made a decision to abandon belief in the unseen all-powerful loving god who allowed his chosen representatives to foment racial hatred relatively easy for me.
That I choose not to listen may be a "head-in-the-sand" attitude, but I'm comfortable with it - the benefits of not having blood pressure spikes is a good thing.

I have no trouble believing the good Pastor Anderson is teaching and reinforcing hatred with his words. I'm aware there are many such - I just choose to avoid subjecting myself to their vileness.

In spite of my attitude, I am glad that good folks like yourself make the effort to call attention to the hate-mongers. The chance that someone's eyes could be opened to truth surely makes your post worthwhile. I sincerely hope you continue.

Have you had a chance to see Mars? It's as close to earth as it perhaps has ever been these last few days.

Mule Breath said...

We had heavy rain last night, so I didn't get the chance. Most evenings I sit out with a cold beer and the dogs, listening to bull frogs and cicadas. Supposed to be clear tonight, so likely I'll get a chance.

It was good rain. We needed it. Just didn't last long enough.

Anonymous said...

Scratch an ear for me. I've got a fantasy football draft at 9, but maybe I'll get a chance to see it late. It looks to be the first clear night for almost a week.
How's the bike working out?

Mule Breath said...

Bike is smooth. I've put about 2,000 miles on it since that last photo; added everything but a fridge and beer tapper.

Anonymous said...

Super! Hope you have good luck with it.