August 29, 2009

News roundup


Largest dump in the world; “Pacific Ocean Houses World's Biggest Landfill”.

Inhofe on healthcare reform; "I don't have to read it, or know what's in it. I'm going to oppose it anyways".

Might be hard difficult explaining this to the wife; “Rep. Gene Taylor (D-Miss.) may want to double-check his medicine cabinet to avoid what could be an awkward mix-up”.

My, such a surprise: “Cheney condemns Obama's probe of CIA interrogations”.

Don’t tell me the stimulus isn’t working; “Stimulus checks lure Floridians to their arrest”.



Old NFO said...

Well, that IS a spread of news :-) I love the first one, where they hint it is all the US fault... In reality, much of the trash is from Philippines, China, Japan, Russia.

#2 at least he's honest...

#3 better get the Alzheimer's treatment ready

#4 political BS on both sides

#5 crooks are crooks...