August 13, 2009


Of the left leaning pundits, Rachel Maddow is one of the least shrill. Her rhetoric often strikes a more moderate tone than the others, while clearly pointing out the excesses of the right. While I cannot agree with the segment of her piece that attempts to vilify citizens legally carrying firearms, the remainder is something that should be considered.

Recent reports indicate that death threats directed at the president have increased by a factor of 400 since Obama was sworn into the office. In general, wingnut extremism in this country seems to be rising at an alarming rate. We should be very concerned about this.

So what is it exactly that is fueling the politics of fear in this country? Where do the extremist come from? From whence does the radicalization of America stem?

On the left we have eco-terrorists who feel justified in burning down ski resorts and driving spikes into trees so as to injure chainsaw wielding loggers. On the right we have dominionist religionists who feel justified in assassinating physicians who perform abortions and placing bombs that maim clinic staff. Am I the only one who sees the insanity in these violent acts?

As a gun owner and sport shooter; and a believer in protecting my life and property by any means necessary, I would hesitate not a second to take out a bad guy who thought it a good idea to threaten my family of rob me. But as a reasonable human being and a citizen of the United States I find the perpetration of violence as a means to force political outcomes to be vile and evil.

A man openly carrying a loaded weapon (he would be a fool to carry it unloaded) in a state where this is allowed is no threat to me. He is a man taking advantage of his constitutionally guaranteed, inherent rights. It should be such everywhere. This would be a much more polite society were it so.

Taking advantage of one's rights for the sake of sending a message is not so noble. If that man's intention was to imply threat, as it seemed by the sign he was toting, then the man is a wreck waiting to happen, and part of a problem that needs to be solved.

One of my favorite blogs has a little bit on this topic that I fould seriously funny, and seriously disturbing at the same time. Helen may have actually put her finger on the real reason for all this teabaggery. Please pop over and read Helen & Margaret, then bookmark the blog. These two old bats never cease to entertain.


munchkin #2 said...

Hear! Hear!

Kvatch said...

A man openly carrying a loaded weapon (he would be a fool to carry it unloaded) in a state where this is allowed is no threat to me.

That's an interesting perspective and a touchstone of just how far one's perception of "normal" can differ in our country.

Anytime...and I mean anytime that I'm aware of someone carrying a handgun (loaded or unloaded, not like I could tell) I find myself immediately putting distance between me and that person.

Mule Breath said...

Kvatch, Rachel obviously feels the same. Her unease with firearms, or yours, isn't something that I find particularly disturbing so long as you don't turn activist and try to kill my rights.

Usually a dislike of firearms stems from a lack of familiarity, and perhaps from irrational fears. A little education would go a long way in dispelling those fears.

The loony left harbors irrational fears of firearms and they push anti-gun legislation in the same manner the wacky right is trying to kill the healthcare debate. With fabrications, horror stories, and tired old lies.

A little light shown into the dark abyss of ignorance would cure both problems.