September 25, 2009

A most interesting development

WBTV, Charlotte, NC

The organizers of a local music festival have made a controversial decision to give the money raised by their event to an organization promoting evolution and atheism. The Charlotte Pop Fest '09 is a music festival taking place in Charlotte's Myers Park area this weekend. The event features some well-known local and national bands.

Last year, proceeds from the Pop Fest went to an international children's charity. The proceeds from this year's Charlotte Pop Fest will be going to the Richard Dawkins Foundation. Dawkins is one of the best known evolutionists in the world and is also an atheist who wrote a book called The God Delusion.

Pop Fest organizer James Deem says what he's trying to do is raise awareness for "science and science education."

North Carolina? Really? There really is hope. Now lets try Texas next.



Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo for North Carolina, although I did read somewhere that NC is the most liberal of the states below the Mason Dixon. If you can convince TX, maybe LA will be next??

Mule Breath said...

Although I've not seen it in print, I'd have to say that is probably correct. NC's two Senate seats are split between the parties and 7 out of 14 House seats are D's. Throw in a Democrat governor and NC has the toes of one foot across the line into the blue.

NC is also at least a bit progressive. The governor, one Senator and 3 Representatives are female. There is, however, only one black in that sampling.

LA and Texas are so deep in the woods I fear it will be a very long time before that map shows any purple down here.