September 5, 2009

Saturday before Labor Day

Virgo Party

The Saturday before Labor Day each year brings a small horde of loosely associated folk to a pasture just south of Fort Worth, Texas. This is an invitation event, but the invitation is pretty loose too. By the early hours of Sunday, most of the attendees also fit that description.

Sometimes we get blues, other times bluegrass. You never know.

Every year is different and the crowd fluctuates from a few score to over 100. You never know who will be there.

A few bloggers and some other rather well known EMS types have been spotted enjoying the food, entertainment and conversation... and perhaps imbibing in a few adult beverages.

As you can see, we eat well.

This was a birthday party of sorts... but not really so much so any more. The concept was to avoid having multiple celebrations for a group of friends all born between August 22nd and September 21st. Friends and family were invited, and it grew to a bit of a pasture party. Most anyone capabel of maintaining plesant behavior is invited. Lots of public safety and medical types make it.

It appears that we are prepared. The various fridges and ice chests are brimming with a variety of sustenance and the weather looks like it will hold.

There are a few days following this event that will be utilized for rehab... both of the property and the personnel. It may be a few days before the after-action, then I'll see if we can post a few photos so those who didn't make it can consider for next year.

Its worth it.



Anonymous said...

Yes we do eat well Donn. I have to say I don't know if you caught my best side or Sorry I missed this year and I promise to take you up on the invitation that there doesn't have to be a party to visit.