April 24, 2010

Lordy Mercy! Is that the reason?

Recent research is showing a link between the use of certain prescription pain killers and a lack of trust. It seems that the use of oxycontin leads to low levels of oxytocin; the hormone known as the trust hormone. The use of oxytocin is at a record high, and the segment of the population using most of it are the more affluent.

The rich, it seems, take more prescription dope.

The next leap is that, since the drug inhibits trust, does it inhibit trust in anything in particular? Turns out, the answer is yes.


Things that make you go, hmmm...


Racheleh said...

I see a link that talks about hydrocodone use being up, and a link to npr where they talk about oxytocin, but I dont see the link to data about hydrocodone and lack of trust.
I would like to read the article that prompted this post if you can point it out.
maybe I missed something.

Mule Breath said...

The embed is a radio program from NPR in which the research is discussed. You will need to listen to the full program to gain all the details.