April 26, 2010

Monday Music

Most of my music blogs have been about older musicians. Today I’d like to feature someone fresher than Alvin Lee or Lefty Frizzell.

I’ll start with a fellow by the name of Ken Caillat, a music producer from Malibu, California. Other than co-producing some of Fleetwood Mac’s albums back in the late 70’s, Caillat isn’t known for much, but in 1985 that changed. In May of that year, Caillat became the father of a young lady who grew up to become a fine songwriter and musician.

Colbie’s debut single is called, “Bubbly.”

Bubbly caught a good bit of play on the radio stations and caught my attention as well. The song peaked at #5 on the Billboard 100, and made it into the top 100 in Great Britain as well. Colbie followed this with two more top 100 hits, “Realize,” and “The Little Things.”

Next came a duet with Jason Marz, “Lucky,” on the album “We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things.” This is a live in Las Vegas video, so the quality isn’t as good as the canned music video.

Colbie has done several great hits since, winning several Grammys in the process. Her most recent album is called “Breakthrough,” and it seems to me that it is exactly that. This young lady is bound for stardom.

This cut from the album is my favorite.