November 19, 2010

Now on to Austin

The little feed went well enough. AD did right smart damage to the brisket and beans, and he seemed not to be allergic to the sweet potatoes either, mindful as he is of that girlish figure. 

Valerie and Bob dined with us. I'm always nervous cooking for Bob, since he is a damn fine cocinero himself, with a much wider repertoire. 

TOTWTYTR and Limey friend Stephen cut a fair swath themselves. Later on the only snoring heard was my own, but there were reports of an occasional barking spider. The musical fruit got off to an early start, I guess.

Stephen was very happy when his lost baggage finally turned up at the house, and I was pretty glad of that too. Stephen arrived bearing gifts. He presented me with six beautiful amber bottles of a lovely lager. About two years ago when he last visited he brought some of this delightful brew, by the name of Old Tom." The British have a few pretty good beers, but this Old Tom is the best I've encountered. Not only is it very tasty, at 8.5% alcohol it is also rather strong. I'll definitely enjoy them.

Los Tres Amigos were last seen in search of Cabellas to find some last bits of hunting gear, including batteries for the LED's on AD's camo cap. I'm wishing them good luck in the Great Hog Hunt of 2010, since my freezer will likely benefit and this winter's chili will be so much tastier.

I was down the driveway at about the same time, hitting the southbound lanes of IH-35W as they were steering north. Austin and another Texas EMS Conference beckon.

Be there or be square!



Old NFO said...

Glad it went well!