November 17, 2010

The beginnings of a simple meal

A cold front is coming into the area, bringing with it not only cooler temps but some gusty winds. Those winds are stoking the fire in my little pit and producing copious amounts of mesquite smoke. This is a good thing.

Because there is a nice piece of beef inside.

Beans and baked sweet taters make up the rest of the menu.

Now this probably isn't all that interesting to most of the folks who might read this blog, but I know two fellow bloggers and a particular Limey who will be interested. They'll be showing up right about dinnertime tomorrow. One of them is a coonass, so I guess I ought to boil a pot of rice too.



Coma-Toast said...

That looks A-MA-ZING!! NOM NOM!!

Old NFO said...

Put on some Hoppin John for him!

Mule Breath said...

They'll be lighting somewhere around 7:00 PM, so the spuds will go in the oven around 6:00. The brisket came off the pit around 10:00 this morning. It is sliced and waiting.

i have everything for hoppin john except the black-eyes. Pintos over rice will have to do.

Old Weird Libra said...

Don't miss this kind of feast if you get the chance to try it. Thanks, MB.