November 1, 2010

Signs seen in DC this weekend

Where's Waldo?


Several of the sign shots were taken from HuffPo, where you will find lots more.


jbrock said...

Some good stuff on those signs. I particularly liked the one that said "If your beliefs fit on a sign, think harder."

Was the spelling really that good on average, or did you cherry-pick?


Old NFO said...

I notice Hufpo didn't do like they did at the Beck rally and purposely ONLY show the most obnoxious signs/posters they could find... And I wonder how much of Soro's money went to pay for the buses that brought them in?

Mule Breath said...

JB, no cherry picking. The only sign I saw with misspellings was one with intended irony.

NFO, I was there and didn't see any that would qualify as obnoxious. There were a few mostly humorous shots at Beck, FOX News, Palin and O'Donnel... but even those were of the mild variety. FOX News was there covering the event, so if there were any that I didn't see, I feel certain those cameras would have caught them.

Regarding Soros money, hard to say but probably considerably less than there was Murdoch et al money at Beck's rally.

Anonymous said...

Looking good, Barnes!!

Old NFO said...

Thx MB, needless to say, I was on the road (as usual)...