March 22, 2010

Is Nudity Harmful?

There is an interesting little controversy over nudity going on in Boulder, Colorado.

In brief, we have a woman in her young 50's living in public housing, doing her gardening, outdoors and in plain view, wearing only thong panties and gloves. The story, related by the University of Colorado online publication,, cites statements and complaints by witnesses. All but one of those quoted expressed offense. One even went so far as to suggest that children viewing nudity would be harmed. A police officer suggested she wear a shirt so as not to expose her nudity to nearby children. The housing authority has threatened eviction, and is planning on changing tenant rules to make such behavior a lease violation.

It is almost astounding that this is happening in Boulder, Colorado - the Haight-Ashbury of the West. To think that the hippies of the late 1960's, and their children, would allow such a stink over nudism is, frankly, disturbing (although I'd have to admit mixing yellow panties with pink gloves is rather gauche).

Where is reason? How does exposure to a nude human cause harm to another human? Where do these prudes come from?



Old NFO said...

Um... Left field??? Sigh...

Malcolm Boura said...

Never let an honest fact and rational thought stand in the way of prejudice. The attitudes the housing authority is encouraging are known to result in widespread and often serious harm. I hope that they have budgeted funds to compensate. Prudery is child abuse with good intentions.

Mule Breath said...

I lived in Boulder for years. Graduated from Fairview HS while the old school was located where Platt Jr. High is now. My brother still lives there.

Boulder was an enlightened community. It just blows my mind that politicians and bureaucrats could get away with such illiberal actions.

Learning that nudity at the old Boulder Reservoir had been prohibited by ordinance was shocking enough.