March 19, 2010

The week in Headlines

Kreep is such an excellent name for a birther

Jenny is done with Mark, and 20 years go down the tubes

…the Dems are about fed up with Mitch

and the rest of us are just plain sick of Congress

The Repuglicans had Jack Abramoff, and it cost them

Now the Demorats will pay the price for Hassan Neemaze

Somebody stood up to helmet-head Phelps and his zombie god-squad

Looks like Glenn ain’t too popular at home no more…

Sarah is making more for the left than the right…

Michele is still full of it

but Dumb and Dumber are hoping to rake in the bucks anyway

Entertain me to death - Le jeu de la mort

RIP Alex Chilton, Johnny High, and Fes Parker - Its been a tough week for the arts

Maybe Cheeny will shut his yap now - Why couldn't we have done this eight years ago?