March 5, 2010

Saturday morning recap

News headlines of the past week.

The rational, humorist blogger known as Jon Swift is dead

Pastor Exposes 'Practical Atheists' among Christians

Study suggests smarter people more inclined to nontraditional values

The Vatican can’t catch a break

…but Chile is finally getting outside help

After all these years, Turkey is still in denial

The RNC is playing the fear card early

Bossier Parish is taking a stand against terrorism

Shades of McVeigh... domestic terrorist resurrects old conspiracy theories

Domestic terrorism is on the rise

…and Austin isn’t impressed

Some U.S. allies are (finally) taking a stand against extremism

Traffic light camera enforcement gets the boot in Missouri



Anonymous said...

Quite a mix. An effort to fill out a score card (good news or bad news) of the articles raises questions about the mind set of the scorer - be they liberal or conservative - and indicates broad differences of opinion - or perhaps the gap between optimists and pessimists.

A most interesting post. I like it. Will you make it a regular feature?

Mule Breath said...

Will you make it a regular feature?

Thinking about it. This was an interesting week.