July 9, 2011

Logic puzzle

Shamelessly stolen from another blog ... 

A Logic Puzzle

Alice, Bob, Charlie, Diana and Ed live in 5 one-garage homes on a street, each numbered 1 through 5 (but not necessarily in that order). They drive a Ford, Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Mercedes – also not necessarily in that order. Based on the following clues, who drives which car?

The women drive only Japanese cars.

The Honda is not in Garage 2.

Edward and Alice have adjacent garages.

Even-numbered homes contain only Japanese cars.

Ed and Bob live next door to each other, and Diana’s address is higher than theirs.

Charlie doesn’t like Japanese cars.

The addresses of the Toyota, Ford and Honda are prime numbers.

Alice’s address is more than twice Charlie’s.

The Ford and Nissan belong to next door neighbors.

Having shared logic puzzles before, I know the following disclaimer is necessary: this is a logic puzzle, and not a social or economic statement relating to what women drive or the quality of Japanese cars, so don't bother commenting on off-topic elements. (For the sake of this puzzle, Nissan, Toyota and Honda are the Japanese car manufacturers.) 

For the record, David had already posted the answer before I found the puzzle so I didn’t have the opportunity to try my mind at it. If you want to test yourself, don’t follow the link until you arrive at an answer.



Anonymous said...

Yay! My mind still works, I got it!