July 15, 2011

Stephen Bainbridge on Nancy Grace

Professor Bainbridge and I don't always find common ground, but on this one we are in full agreement.

I don't like Nancy Grace. In fact, let's be honest, I find her utterly loathsome. In the name of ratings, she rushes to prejudge every case (and always on the side of the prosecution), she blatantly takes sides, she's an abusive interviewer, she's intellectually dishonest, and she's a coward.

Wish I had said that...

Nancy Grace and CNN should be treated to the same dose of public outrage as FOX  and Glenn Beck received. Worthless assholes deserve nothing less.



Ambulance Driver said...

And here's your next revelation of the day: I agree 100% with you and Bainbridge. Nancy Grace is a loathsome c*nt.