July 25, 2011

Why evangelicals shoud stop evangelizing.

Carl Medearis is an international expert in Arab-American and Muslim-Christian relations and is author of the book Speaking of Jesus: The Art of Not-Evangelism. Medearis recently penned a piece for the CNN Belief Blog titled, My Take: Why evangelicals should stop evangelizing.

"When I tell my Christian friends in America that some of the fiercest militias were (and are) Christian, most are shocked. It doesn’t fit the us-versus-them mentality that evangelism fosters, in which we are always the innocent victims and they are always the aggressors."

Indeed those American never exposed to other cultures tend to be a tad ethnocentric in their views… and indeed there are a very many of that type of person in America. Medearis emphatically makes the point of just how much damage is done, not just by Christian evangelizing, but by religion in general.

“When I lived in Lebanon I saw firsthand how destructive an obsession with religious identity could be. Because of the sectarian nature of Lebanese politics, modern Lebanese history is rife with coups, invasions, civil wars and government shutdowns.”

Lebanon of course is in the crosshairs of two major religions, and multiple schisms within each. The article is short and to the point. Well worth the read. Full article HERE.



Old Weird Libra said...

If you compare Carl Medearis and the Westminster Fellowship people you can notice similarities. Both base their opinions not on objectively verifiable evidence but on how they interpret what they find in "scripture".