July 22, 2011

Where Good Hair gets his money

This is a clip of Lou Engle of the International House of Prayer. Engle likens the American secular form of government to nazism. This is run of the mill stuff for Engle, who previously advocated for the criminalization of homosexuality and showed solidarity with Uganda while it was considering a bill that would make homosexuality a crime punishable by death. It should be noted that IHOP is one of the premier supporters of Good Hair's Prayer Fair.

From this particular soundbite, I find it difficult to understand the nazism comments. If that specter should at all be raised, Engle sounds rather more nazilike than a secular U.S. government.

"Can a homosexual have civil rights in America? They might. But it is not their right given by God. Their right is to repent and stand until Jesus delivers, and then the Church must go into war for them and get them free. Brothers and sisters, we made it two spheres: government has a sphere and God has a sphere. That’s what they did in Hitler’s day, they voted for money in economic crisis and they sacrificed the sanctity of life of the Jews. We do the same thing in America."


Old NFO said...

Interesting 'twists' in that one... I've got to re-listen after reading your comments.