February 24, 2012

All is fair

If we're going to be going to all these extremes, invading the female body and such to save the living souls of the unborn (and even the unfertilized), turnabout is certainly fair play.

A BILL to be entitled an Act to amend Article 5 of Chapter 12 of Title 16 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to abortion, so as to make certain legislative findings; to prohibit the performance of vasectomies in Georgia; to provide for an exception; to provide for penalties; to provide an effective date; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.

There are some really ingenious female legislators out there... even though they are sadly outnumbered.



Ambulance Driver said...

Heh. Good one.

EMSNetwork said...

Excellent "turnabout is fair play." Makes as much sense.