February 2, 2012

I have NEVER heard it said better

From Slactivist...

"Attacking, demonizing and defunding Planned Parenthood, therefore, costs lives. The lives of women and children. Mostly, but not only, poor women and children.

So if you tell me you dislike or disapprove of or oppose Planned Parenthood because you are “pro-life” I will be forced to conclude that you are using words you do not understand. Perhaps you do not understand what the words “Planned Parenthood” refer to — maybe you’ve been horribly misled about the work that vital organization performs for people who have no other place to turn. Or perhaps you do not understand what the word “pro-life” suggests. Or maybe both.

But while you clearly do not understand the words you are saying, if you say that you dislike or disapprove of or oppose Planned Parenthood because you are “pro-life,” you are communicating one thing very clearly. You are telling all who can hear you that what is most important to you, what you regard as most morally consequential, is your self-image. You are telling us that you value your own esteem of yourself on your own terms far more than you value the lives of poor women and children.

That is what I hear you saying. That is what poor women and children hear you saying. And that is what everyone who knows or cares about any woman or child who is poor will hear you saying. Because that is what you are saying and, really, that is all you are saying.

So please stop saying that."

Please do, read the rest. If your eyes have not been blinded by the hot poker of the insane... obscene religious right wingnuts... you cannot help but understand.

Read the embedded link too... especially this one.

This is important... do it.



Old NFO said...

Good points all, thanks for the post and the links!

Ambulance Driver said...

Susan G. Komen Foundations puritanical streak finally bit them in the ass.

It's about damned time. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of assholes.